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A portion of our profits go to St. Judes Childrens Hospital.

We specialize in the installation of asphalt, and all asphalt repairs. New installations often start with base work. We evaluate the ground you want to lay your new asphalt on, and determine if base work is needed. This is an important step which is often overlooked by other pavers. If the ground is not suited for new installation we grade the ground and install any necessary base materials to stabilize the ground under your new asphalt. The number 1 reason for asphalt failure is the base under it. We make sure that the base is stabilized and graded, then we roll and compact it to make ready it for asphalt installation.


With the base work complete, we begin to install your new asphalt. We work with a commercial grade Type D asphalt which is the standard in the paving industry. Our professionally trained crew will install the asphalt, then roll and compact it to a 95% compaction ratio by way of dual drum steel wheeled roller. All left over debris will be removed, and hauled away. We always leave your job site clean.