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Over time the sun begins to dry out asphalt.  The oil and tar in asphalt begin to wear down and the asphalt begins to flake.  Eventually cracks and potholes may appear.  Once the asphalt begins to crack, water can get under the asphalt and begin to wash away the base underneath causing costly repairs.  Seal coating your asphalt on a regular basis will prevent 90% of the damage caused by the elements or chemical spills such as gas and oil. A majority of asphalt will do with a good seal coating every two years or so.  High traffic areas such as shopping centers or parking lots will see a longer life with a regular schedule of seal coating every 1 - 2 years as needed.


Seal coating your asphalt not only helps to protect it against the elements, it also restores the beauty and rich black color back to your asphalt.  We offer many different formulas of sealer depending on the condition of your asphalt.  We begin by using industrial grade walk behind blowers to remove all dirt, dust and debris from the surface of the asphalt.  Then we apply the seal coating by way of spraying or squeegee. We offer 1, 2, & 3 coat applications.  Don't leave your asphalt unprotected.  Contact us today and get your asphalt sealed right.